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CH Eclipse Flight Yoke

The Eclipse flight yoke is an ideal joystick for 'scale FPV' flight. With 6 axis input including thumb operated rudder pedals this flight yoke is a capable FPV control input.

Below is picture labeling defined control inputs of the joystick.

  1. Yoke input for aileron and elevator input.
  2. Thumb pedals for rudder input
  3. Throttle, pitch and mixture levers for axis inputs throttle, channel 5 and channel 6 respectively.
  4. Inputs switch 1 (sw1) and switch 2 (sw2)
  5. Hat switches (both left and right do the same function)
  6. Switch 3 and push-button 2 and 3 (sw3, pb2, pb3)
  7. Switch 4 and push-button 5 and 6 (sw4, pb5, pb6)
  8. Left trigger is push-button 1 (pb1)
  9. Right trigger is push-button 2 (pb4)
  10. Elevator trim wheel - press and hold while trimming to trim at double speed
  11. Aileron trim wheel - press and hold while trimming to trim at double speed
  12. Selector switch sets push-buttons (pb7, pb8, pb9)
  13. Trim button - press and hold to trim aileron and elevator with hat switch
  14. Menu button - press and hold to navigate menu with hat switch
  15. Trim button - press and hold to trim rudder and throttle with hat switch

Note: There is a mechanical trim wheel on the dash board for the elevator, as per the manufacturers direction this should not be used to trim the plane. When first setting up the ForceFly center this control by watching the elevator channel in the MONITOR AXIS submenu and adjust it until 0 is displayed.

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